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Livv Housing Group is an inclusive employer and welcomes people from all backgrounds to join us and enjoy the freedom to be themselves at work. Our policies are flexible and inclusive with benefits in place to support and protect all.

As a part of our application process you will be asked questions about personal characteristics such as race, religion, disability, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation and nationality. We ask these questions to help us learn about our colleagues, how we can improve diversity and inclusion in our organisation and to support applicants and colleagues throughout their journey with us. All data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and is not used in the consideration of applications. All data is anonymised for reporting.

We strive for excellence in diversity and inclusion in all we do. We are committed to supporting our colleagues to be the best they can be, while having the freedom to express their true selves every day. Our colleagues are treated as individuals with different strengths, experiences and backgrounds who share a passion for improving people’s lives, both in the business and out in our communities. Our colleagues and our communities are the key to our success and inclusion is the responsibility of all.

Livv acknowledges that we currently have under-representation from racially minoritised groups, Disabled people and the LGBTQ+ community and so welcome applications from these individuals.

We use ‘anonymised recruitment’, which means that hiring managers will not see any identifying details of our applicants, such as name, age, address or places of education, and therefore shortlisting is done on the basis of experience and ability only. Hiring managers will not see any answers to any questions regarding protected characteristics.

Some of the terminology used in the EDI questionnaire may be unfamiliar to you. If you have any questions at all please contact the human resources team via